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Breakthough——Majesty has two new “Generals” for pharmaceutical packaging materia



On Octorber 21st, two types of pharmaceutical mist pump (mounting cup type and screw type) produced by Majesty Packaging Systems Limited. have been registered and obtained registry number in NMPA (Center For Drug Evaluation). 

Majesty has been working hard in pharmaceutical packaging material industry for more than 20 years, and it is committed to providing customers with high quality pharmaceutical packaging products. It has established a complete and perfect system of production, quality and storage of pharmaceutical packaging materials. To develop pharmaceutical packaging materials that meet product performance and requirements, Majesty has cooperated with schools and enterprises for different products. With separate R&D department and Technical Center to ensure personalized appearance and performance, perfect product functions, and the safety between pharmaceutical packaging materials and drugs, which is in accordance with the requirements of national regulations.

Majesty sticks to the production goal of “safety and high quality” in pharmaceutical packaging products to provide “safe, reliable and effective” products for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and aims to become their pharmaceutical packaging material partner. We welcome the major pharmaceutical enterprises and comprehensive health industry to further negotiate with our company, to cooperate in research and development, and to promote the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

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