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Perfect time to set sail——Highlight for Majesty Thailand



Infrastructure projects for the first phase of Majesty Holdings (Asia) Co., Ltd. (Majesty Thailand) is going on like a raging fire.

Figure 1 Bird’s-eye view (front) of factory

Figure 2 Bird’s-eye view (front and side) of factory

Figure 3 Bird’s-eye view (front and side) of factory

Figure 4 Bird’s-eye view (back and side) of factory

Majesty Thailand, covering an area of 41 Rai (65600m2), is located in Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone. The first phase which is under construction covers an area of about 40000m2 (25000m2 for plants and offices). Infrastructure projects have been started in the beginning of October, 2020. Although the infections of COVID-19 became ups and downs during construction, the total schedule was not affected much. At present, Majesty Thailand is 85% finished and the main construction is predicted to be completed by the end of May, 2021.

The new factory will be equipped with new production workshops, GMP workshops, warehouses and other functional areas. The factory (first phase) will put products into production in August, 2021 and it will be capable of producing 0.6 million sets of pumps and 3.3 million sets of valves (including bag-on-valve) per day.

As one of the giant global suppliers of pumps and valves, Majesty plays a leading role for its international perspective, professional skill and fine quality. The Thailand factory is an essential part of Majesty’s strategy to move forward abroad. A global service network to supply the products for China, Thailand, Brazil and other countries will greatly promote Majesty’s production capacity and quality of service after going into production. Majesty Thailand serves for the whole Asian-Pacific region and will offer you the most advanced and professional technical support.

Please stay tuned for Majesty!

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