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Majesty was honored with “2020 Outstanding Committee Unit Award” of Pharmaceutic



From Dec 9th to Dec 11th , 2020, the 2020 General Assembly Meeting and Technical Exchange Seminar of the 3rd Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Professional Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association was held in Nansha Grand Hotel, Guangzhou. Majesty as a standing committee unit, sent Zhu Maoyong (vice president of Technology Department) and his team of 4 technicians from Technical Center of Majesty to attend the meeting.

Several leaders, experts and enterprises of pharmaceutical packaging industry gathered together in this meeting. They reviewed the product quality and safety evaluation work of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association in 2020, and have further communication about development trend, quality system of enterprises, influence of bundling review and approval on pharmaceutical packaging industry, change management and technical requirements of pharmaceutical packaging materials under the new regulations, and the like, which plays a positive role to the industry development.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the committee, Majesty sent 50 sets of high-grade tea sets as commemorative gifts. During the meeting, the 10th Anniversary of the Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Professional Committee celebrating ceremony was held at the same time, to summarize and review the work of the committee over the past decade, and recognize enterprises and individuals who has given active support to the committee’s work. It is worth mentioning that Majesty was honored with “2020 Outstanding Committee Unit Award”, as well as Zheng Jieyi (engineer of Technical Center), who was honored with “2020 Advanced Individual”.

At the transition meeting of the 3rd Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Professional Committee, Majesty was appointed as the standing member of the 4th Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Professional Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association. We will continue to press forward and make contributions to the industry.

Ten years suffering makes still further progress. With strong help of the committee, Majesty has overcome lots of difficulties and made the leap from zero to strong, from weak to strong in pharmaceutical packaging industry. With expanding production scale and increasing sales, one step at a time, Majesty takes the road of large scale, specialization and industrialization, and has become the largest pharmaceutical aerosol valve manufacturer in China. On the road of sustainable development of pharmaceutical industry in the future, Majesty will stay true to its cause and continue marching forward, adhere to high starting point construction and high standard operation, strive to build high-quality pharmaceutical packaging materials and contribute to the development of the industry.

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